What are the five best things to do near The PuLi Hotel and Spa?

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With its central location in the heart of the Jing’an District, there’s no shortage of things to do near The PuLi Hotel and Spa. Here are the five best:

1. Go out on Fumin Road. The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel is just north of Fumin Road, where you’ll find a slew of fine dining options and trendy bars. Head farther south on foot and you’ll find…

2. The former French Concession. What was once an area occupied by the French is now a tree-lined street with historical homes.

3. Shopping at Park Place. This spot offers international brands and high-end local retailers. You can buy all the necessities here, plus a few luxurious items that you probably don’t need at all.

4. Jing’an Temple. This ancient temple is just around the corner from the luxury hotel, and visiting it is a fascinating cultural experience.

5. People’s Square. About a 30-minute walk down Nanjing Road is the real heart of the city: People’s Square. It’s lined with museums, shopping and a huge park, where locals gather to play chess or practice tai chi.

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