What kind of entertainment is offered at the bar at The PuLi Hotel and Spa?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

While there is no set entertainment program at The PuLi Hotel and Spa, the Shanghai hotel does offer some nightlife at its Long Bar. At night, the 105-foot bar transforms from a relaxing lounge into a vibrant bar scene. During the day you’ll see guests at the bar reading the paper or waiting for transportation. But once evening falls, the buzzing cocktail bar is where you can nurse a glass of Glenfarclas 17-year-old Scotch or imbibe a champagne cocktail as a warm-up to a celebratory night out in Shanghai. When the weather permits (usually April through October), there is a chilled-out DJ on the adjoining terrace every Thursday, so you can roam from the private garden through Long Bar and enjoy the natural light at dusk and mingling with friends and acquaintances.

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