What is the price range for a meal at Jean Georges Shanghai?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Meals at Jean Georges Shanghai are in the upper price tier for Shanghai, since you’re shelling out not only for the food, but also for the artistry, location and service. To dip your toes into the fine-dining pool, swing by the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant for lunch, where two courses and dessert run RMB218 (US$34), with any additional dishes going for RMB98 (US$15). Standard drinks do not come with the meal and will probably tack on at least RMB100 (US$16) to your bill. Dinner with drinks will regularly cost RMB600 to RMB1,000 (US$95 to US$158) per person. At brunch, you can indulge in a breakfast plate for RMB218 (US$34). Add in truffles and lobster for RMB398 (US$63). The most expensive part of your meal, however, will probably be any alcohol you drink, as prices (due to import tariffs) are as expensive as you’d find in New York City or London, if not more.

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