What are the desserts like at Sir Elly’s Restaurant?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

You shouldn’t just have a sweet tooth if you’re going to indulge in Sir Elly’s desserts at The Peninsula Shanghai. Rather, we’d recommend having a sweet gene, a desire for chocolate and sugar hardwired into your DNA because the desserts on offer are decadent and rich in the best possible way. Your order of the tiramisu soufflé is accompanied with a small silver spoon with a pile of mascarpone on the end, and your server will instruct you to fold it into the hot soufflé to melt creamily into the cakey layers. The apricot cheesecake comes accompanied by an apricot basil sorbet, while chocoholics will delight at the 72 percent chocolate sphere with nutmeg ice cream and a chocolate macaroon added to ensure you get enough cocoa in your diet.

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