What are the five best things to order at Sir Elly’s Restaurant?

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The modern European cuisine served at Sir Elly’s Restaurant at The Peninsula Shanghai changes often depending on the season, so you might find your list of the best dishes different from ours:

1. The polenta. You’ll find this creamy Italian staple accompanying many of the main dishes, and chef Arnaud Berthelier takes this standard up several notches by mixing in truffles for a deeper, richer flavor.

2. The tiramisu soufflé. This interactive dessert comes with a silver spoon heaped with mascarpone cheese, which your server will instruct you to dip inside the soufflé so it can melt among the cakey layers. In the meantime, you can dig into the perfectly round ball of espresso gelato that accompanies the heaping soufflé.

3. Tea. You can choose from classic selections like Darjeeling and Assam or delve into the flavored choices such as almond and mango – either way you’ll be served in an elegant, impressive fashion in a heavy Noritake teacup and silver tea service.

4. Soup. We began our meal with a sage consommé that arrived with three large Parmesan-stuffed pieces of ravioli, which is indicative of the simple-but-creative soups you can regularly find on the menu.

5. The five-course menu. If you want to truly embrace the Sir Elly’s experience there is no better way than to come with an empty stomach and opt for the full five-course menu, which will give you multiple dishes that cover the best the restaurant has to offer from soup to dessert.

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