What are the five best things to order at Yi Long Court?

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Yi Long Court’s executive chef Dicky To cooks up elegant Cantonese dishes with a special emphasis on fresh seafood flown in from around the world. When you dine at his Shanghai restaurant, be sure to dig into these five dishes:

1. Pan-fried scallops. In this signature dish, the briny sweetness of the scallops is contrasted with a stuffing of salty shrimp and black bean sauce.

2. Shrimp-stuffed squid. Shrimp is stuffed into pieces of deep-fried squid. This deliciously illustrates how chef To uses simple yet superior ingredients to create dishes that shine. Another good example is the…

3. Snapper. A steamed red snapper has a straightforward but satisfying preparation with ginger and onions.

4. Braised eggplant. This dish is cooked with dried scallops and minced pork. It might seem too low-brow for such a high-end establishment, but this savory dish boasts the perfect balance of salty and sweet, with the eggplant neither too mushy nor undercooked.

5. Tiny roasted pigeons. While the bones and heads might throw some diners off, the meat is dark and rich, flavored with five spices and fried to a crisp umber.

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