What words best describe the style of The Fullerton Bay Hotel?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The words we would use to describe the style of The Fullerton Bay Hotel are contemporary, nautical, sparkling, plush and bold. Here’s why:
1. Contemporary. With its geometric-shaped decorative elements, marble mosaic-tiled flooring and modern sculptures, renowned designer Andre Fu has fashioned this luxury Singapore Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel into a distinctly contemporary space.
2. Nautical. You’ll find reminders of The Fullerton Bay Hotel’s waterfront location throughout the hotel, from vintage nautical maps in the lobby to signature cocktails grouped into thematic sections on the bar menu such as The Clifford Collection, which refers to the Clifford Pier on which the hotel is located.
3. Sparkling. Though you’ll inevitably be drawn to the shimmering mosaic-tiled floor that runs alongside The Landing Point, the sparkling, circular-shaped chandeliers lining the corridor’s ceiling are just as distinct, as is the oversized, tiered chandelier suspended high over the reception area.
4. Plush. From luxuriously appointed guest rooms and suites that feature posh goose down and Egyptian cotton bedding, to cushy public lounge areas with elegant, comfortable velvet couches and lounge chairs, this luxury Singapore Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel is extremely plush.
5. Bold. Finally, we love the bold design of many of The Fullerton Bay Hotel’s most distinguishing decorative pieces, particularly the near floor-to-ceiling decorative panel behind the reception desk and the pyramid-shaped glass fixtures that hang over The Landing Point bar like icicles.

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