What words best describe the style of W Singapore, Sentosa Cove?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The words we’d use to describe the style of W Singapore, Sentosa Cove are contemporary, trendy, bold, artsy and family-friendly. Here’s why:

1. Contemporary. Polished white marble, expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, softened shapes and an exuberant color scheme are just a few features of this luxury Singapore hotel’s chic contemporary design.

2. Trendy. A massive digital feature panel at the hotel’s entrance, inlaid flat-screen televisions in the public areas tuned to scenes from glamorous W Hotel galas around the world, pool parties led by international DJs spinning club-ready electronica — there’s no mistaking the hotel’s trendy sensibility. 

3. Bold. Bold colors, décor and furnishings are commonplace at W Singapore, Sentosa Cove: Think neon pink and purple lighting, white-leather couches with gold-sequined decorative pillows, red- and black-leather appointed elevators and cushioned walls.

4. Artsy. The first and second floors of the hotel are littered with an interesting collection of sculptures and pop art from an impressive lineup of acclaimed artists that includes Andy Warhol, Auguste Rodin, David Hockney, Wang Ziwei and Arman Fernandez.

5. Family-friendly. Yes, it’s trendy, funky and glamorous, but this Forbes Travel Guide Recommended hotel is also surprisingly family-friendly, with inflatable toys available at the 14,400-square-foot pool, a separate swimming hole for kids, large children’s room service menu, complimentary bicycle rental and plenty of room to run around in the central courtyard.

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