What is the food presentation like at Iggy’s?

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Waiting to see what comes next and how it’ll be presented is one of the most fun things about a visit to Iggy’s, where each course of the set menus features colorful, beautifully plated foods that you’ll likely want to first snap a photo of before digging in.

For example, on our most recent visit to this Singapore restaurant, located on the third floor of the Hilton Singapore Hotel since 2010, our inventive amuse bouche was presented on black slate and featured two whole baby shrimp lightly fried in tempura batter, alongside a small mug of housemade, non-alcoholic tomato beer — the drink was amazing.

As our six-course dinner menu continued, we were then served thin, lightly seared filets of yellowfish arranged in a circular shape and topped with slices of radish, sprigs of fresh greens and pieces of flash-fried seaweed for our first course, while the second, a savory masterpiece of earthy matsutake mushrooms paired with tempura-battered whole wakasagi fish, saw the mushrooms and fish buried under fresh greens and surrounded by mounds of frothy foam.

Food presentation at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant isn’t just precise — in the case of our main course, it can also be quite playful. To wit, our meaty, well-cooked hunk of Japanese mackerel was placed horizontally on the plate, draped in cold slices of lotus, garnished with three fried lotus slices — two placed at the top corners of the filet, the other placed in front — and finished with two button mushrooms placed on the cold lotus. On the plate, it looked like the mackerel had eyes and was sticking its tongue out at us. It’s safe to say, however, that we got the last laugh on this cheeky fellow.

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