What are the five best treatments at Auriga Spa?

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Treatments at Auriga Spa incorporate 100 percent all-natural and organic products, and the services work in tune with the phases of the moon, bringing you back into a natural life rhythm. Here are our picks for the five best treatments at the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star spa — one for each phase of the moon, and an extra one for good measure:

1. New Moon. If the new moon is all about starting over, what better way to erase the past than with exfoliation? This treatment will scrub away the old you with eucalyptus and spirulina-infused salts, leaving you shiny and new.

2. Waxing Moon. The waxing moon body treatment nourishes you from head to toe, with a pressure-point foot and scalp massage and an anointing with rose and jasmine oil while you’re exfoliated with a petal-and-salt scrub. The treatment finishes off with a jasmine mask and full-body massage, grounding you and stimulating your creative energy.

3. Full Moon. Auriga Spa says the full moon is a time to achieve your full potential, and this full-body treatment will leave you smelling like roses — literally. Your feet will be anointed with rose oil and wrapped in a warm towel, after which you’ll be exfoliated with rose petals and rose-oil-infused salt, then enveloped in a rose wrap, massaged head to toe and given a lymphatic acupressure facial using rose crystals. As you leave, you’ll be served rose tea, if you haven’t already had your fill of the flower.

4. Waning Moon. A waning moon represents cleansing and renewal, so the deep-cleansing Waning Moon wrap begins with rosemary and juniper inhalations, followed by a seaweed mud wrap and acupressure foot massage that help detoxify your inner organs.

5. Lunar Longevity. If you’re a fan of the moon but not ready to tie yourself down to any one phase just yet, you can try the Lunar Longevity Bath, inspired by the elixir of life that created the moon goddess in Chinese mythology. The bath is rich in enzymes and antioxidants and might just leave you looking younger than when you arrived.

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