What are the best food gifts to buy Sonoma?

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Marcy Gordon

The best food gifts to buy in Sonoma are locally made chocolates, honey, cheese, olive oil and wine, of course. (Wine is a food, right?) Here are my top selections for food gifts.

Chocolates: Sonoma Chocolatiers will satisfy those with a taste for the dark side with its hand-dipped and hand-decorated edible art works.

Honey: Sola Bee Farms offers raw, local and sustainable honey with diverse varieties like black button sage and wine country wildflower.

Cheese: Some of the best cheese in the world is made right in Sonoma County. Local favorites include the extraordinary sheep’s milk cheese from Bellwether Farms and the Italian farmstead-style cheese from Valley Ford Cheese Company.

Olive oil: McEvoy Ranch olive oil and body products are the kind of gifts you end up keeping for your self.

Wine: With thousands of choices available, I leave this selection up to you. But whatever you choose, be sure to double down and bring home extra bottles of everything. You’ll be glad you did and so will your friends.

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