What kind of bath products are offered at Twin Farms?

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When it’s shower time at Twin Farms, you’ll be able to lather up with a collection of quality, pure products from Versante. Versante products embody their namesake Vermont – offering bath and body care that is clean, pure, natural and authentic. Using inspiration from nature’s brilliance, their dedication begins with premier ingredients and honest formulations, with no harsh chemicals or toxic preservatives. It continues through their passion for hand-batched recipes that honor mind and body in balance. The result is a line of products that nurture both body and spirit, and reflect the splendor of simplicity. There’s no need to worry if you forgot any of your other toiletry items, since rooms at this luxury Vermont hotel come stocked with a plethora of amenities to keep you well groomed and indulged, from shower caps and loofahs to candles that are set out tub-side. There’s even a yellow rubber ducky to show that whimsical side that Twin Farms is known for.

Michael Beardsley

Developed by Versante, a local Vermont company.  Twin Farms’ authentic products uses all natural essential oils, pure and simple herbal infusions to bring the beautiful essence of Vermont to life. Made by hand, and designed to nurture and balance mind, body and spirit and reflect the splendor of simplicity.

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