What makes Twin Farms different from other Five-Star hotels?

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Twin Farms differs from other Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotels by offering a delightful combination of rich history and rustic charm, all rolled up in carefully layered luxury. The hotel’s main building was originally a 1795 farmhouse and, over the years, has been home to noted writers, including Dorothy Thompson, the “First Lady of American Journalism.” You can even draw inspiration from Thompson, or simply pay homage to her, by staying in Dorothy’s Room in the main house.

While any stay at this luxury Vermont hotel provides you with historical surroundings, it also offers a surprisingly full collection of art. The pieces belong to the founder and owner, Thurston Twigg-Smith, and can be found thoughtfully placed throughout the grounds, including in the guestrooms. Even if you don’t consider yourself a connoisseur of fine art, you won’t be able to help but be mesmerized by some of more curious pieces. Check out a chair by Rick Ladd, aptly titled “Chair,” that sits close to the pool table in the Pub. Take a closer look and you’ll discover it’s made entirely of beer bottle caps.

All things told, Twin Farms makes any getaway a one-of-a-kind experience, thanks to unparalleled luxury, quirky art and a history that’s present throughout the Five-Star hotel’s rooms.

Michael Beardsley

Twin Farms is a luxury hotel defying categorization. To stay at this fabled place is an opportunity to let go, absorb its many treasures, be inspired, and respond to the unique customized pleasures that one can only find in Vermont and in the way that only Twin Farms offers it. The comfort and ease with which Twin Farms imparts its thoughtful offerings ultimately encourages wellbeing. Each guest’s stay is tailored to his or her particular likes and dislikes.

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