What kind of wraps are offered at The Bridge House Spa?

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Individual wraps are not on the menu at The Bridge House Spa, but many of the Vermont spa's comprehensive treatments incorporate a wrap as part of the service. The spa’s signature treatment, the simply-namedUltimate Body Treatment, incorporates a seaweed body wrap, a heat treatment designed to tone and nourish skin, a soak in a hydrotherapy tub and a full body massage. The Evening Primrose Body Treatment includes an application of warmed Evening Primrose Cream to the body, which is then wrapped in a light cotton gauze. The cocoon-like wrap helps moisturize dry skin and heal skin that's been damaged by sun or wind, leaving it rose-petal fresh.

Susan Norton

Evening Primrose Body Treatment includes a warm and soothing body wrap after the Evening Primrose Cream is applied. The Ultimate Body Treatment includes a Deep Sea Body Wrap to enhance detox and circulation.

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