What are the best food gifts to buy in Sydney?

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Shitika Anand

There's so much multiculturalism in the country, you almost forget what the true Aussie food is like in the country. While there isn't really a defined true Aussie food, there are snacks that you can take back to your country, as a souvenier. 

Vegemite - A dark brown coloured paste made from yeast extract, this Aussie staple is one to get used to. It's an acquired taste that might take longer than anticipated to like. Kids in Australia grow up with vegemite on toast. Just how Americans feel about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Aussies feel that and a little bit more about vegemite on white bread. It's extremely high in salt and packed with preservatives; it'll last long in your pantry. P.s. Brad Pitt tried this, and loved it; there's a story there. 

Tim Tams - Another Aussie superstar, this chocolate covered biscuits are a local pride. They come in over 15 flavours now, but if you want the real stuff, go for the original. As they say, 'you wouldn't be able to stop at one'. So buy a few packs for family back home. 

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