What are the best indoor activities in Sydney?

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Shitika Anand

For those days when the sun is not beating down on you, and the heavens have opened up, there are still things you can do apart from sitting in your hotel room and watching back-to-back DVDs. 

1) Australian Museum: The country's most deadliest creatures - red backs, funnel webs, scorpios, carpet snakes, salties - are all kept behind a glass here. This museum has been kept updated since 1827, being the forefront of Australian scientific research, collection and education. 

2) Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel: If beer drinking is your thing, then this is your refuge. It's one of the oldest licensed pubs in Sydney - you can order six house beers from its very own brewery and have your own indoor party in its premises. 

3) Murray's at Manly: The unpretentious interiors of this pub can accomodate 250 beer drinkers, with something for everyone - from refreshing light to the heady gem of Dark Knight. The views of the ocean aren't too bad either. 

4) Rock Climbing: Sydney might not have the highest peaks of the world, but it does have pretty good indoor rock climbing facilities. Whether you're an amateur or an advanced climber, in this warehouse, you'll still get to experience the harness, belay and the post-climb sore muscles. What rain? 

5) The Lord Dudley: One favourite amidst the cold season, the warmth of this English-style pub (thanks to the fireplace) will make you want to fall in love and romance an English lad. The live music will help set the mood. 

6) Lucio Pizzeria: A crowning glory amidst all the Italian masterpieces in the city, The Lucio is a date-night favourite. Or a family, whatever tickles your fancy. Here you can order a 'half 'n' half' pizza with half being a Margherita and the other being a meaty delight. Couples love it in here, mainly for its touch of Italian romance. 

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