What are the best rooftop bars in Sydney?

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Shitika Anand

Australians love their alcohol, be it at an underground bar, or a bar on the rooftop overlooking the city skyline. These are the best ones making the rounds at the moment:

Zeta bar – Filled with a sea of corporate uniforms, this posh rooftop bar is located on the level four of the Hilton hotel in the city. It overlooks the historic QVB shopping centre and serves up some of the best cocktails in the city.

Zanzibar - Situated in the cool kids' suburb of Sydney, this rooftop terrace might remind you of your grandma's backyard deck. It has that same nostalgia, that waft of a cooking roast and the vibe that one would crave on a Sunday afternoon. Come to watch a live gig or just be part of the hipster clan in town.

Hotel Sweeney's - Expect to get down and dirty at this city bar, where a pint of cider will cost you less than $7 and small sharing plates of Asian snacks won't break the bank either. There's a pole in here, so don't be surprised if your night starts off well and ends with you dancing to a Pussycat Dolls song.

El Topo - Modern Mexican food, tequila, in-your-face art and really cool music, all collide here at the rooftop of the Eastern Hotel. If dealing with Bondi hipsters aren’t your thing, walk up to this joint (next to the train station at Bondi Junction) and revere in serious Mexican culture.

Shore Club - This one is posh, it's expensive and it's located right on the beaches of Manly. It's a popular one in the suburb, also known as the Moet & Chandon Lounge, due to its all black and white interiors teamed with wooden flooring. Keep this one for the summer, because you need a nice, balmy night to really make a night of it at this bar.

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