What is the tipping etiquette in Sydney?

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Shitika Anand

There are no mandatory gratuities expected when you’re eating and drinking out in Australia. Even though, there’s a 10% Goods and Services tax [GST] included in the total figure of the bill. The basic wage rates in Australia are pretty good, so tipping isn’t really expected off you. However, if you’re pleased with the services offered to you, then 10% of the total bill appears to be a usual, suited tipping figure. Some bars and cafes might have a “Tips” jar, which would eventually be shared out amongst all staff.

Quinn Connors

Tipping in Sydney isn’t expected, as there is a 10% Goods and Services Tax included in your bill. Also, basic wages are relatively decent in the Australian service industry, so, servers don't necessarily depend on their tips as they do in other countries. However, tipping is always appreciated. If the service and experience at a restaurant or bar has been enjoyable, a standard 10% tip is often given. At cafés, it’s also nice to leave some change when paying a bill, or add it to the café’s tip jar if they have one. The 10% tip is also the standard accepted at hotels, but again, it is not required.
When taking a taxi, a tip is not expected, though people often tell the driver to keep the change.

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