Where can you get the best view of Sydney?

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Shitika Anand

This entirely depends on what side and part of Sydney you're wanting to view, but let me classify it in a more distinct manner for you: 

Views of the Sydney Harbour, Opera House and the Bridge - Climb the Harbour Bridge and get a 360-degree panoramic view of the harbour. From up high above, you can see right up till the Northern, Eastern beaches and the density of the Western suburbs. This view can also be enjoyed from Blu Bar on 36 in Shangri-La hotel. All you need is, a cocktail in hand! 

Views of the coastal line in and around Sydney - Go skydiving at Woollongong, we wrote a story about it. When falling from 14,000 ft, you forget what gravity and the idea of staying alive feels like. All you can see is turquiose blue ocean, the architectural land in shades of green and brown and the shore line right up till Manly Beach in Sydney. If you have the adventure bug in you, this experience is not to be missed! 

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