Is brunch offered at Château du Sureau on the weekends?

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Brunch is offered at Château du Sureau’s award-winning restaurant, Erna’s Elderberry House, every Sunday from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. The brunch is a beautifully arranged three-course repast in the lavish French culinary tradition.
The meal begins with a palate-cleansing seasonal frappe, then moves on to fresh fruit and homemade buttery pastries, but don’t load up on too much pain au chocolat with strawberries because you’ll want to room for indulging in the savory egg-and-vegetable course. After that you’ll have your choice of three gourmet entrées, each created with locally sourced, farm-fresh ingredients. After your entrée you’ll be served a specialty dessert along with a glass of sparkling wine. Each week’s entrées are different from the last, so every brunch at Erna’s Elderberry House is a unique experience. This sumptuous Sunday spread will run you $58 per person,
The kitchen staff is always eager to create dishes around your dietary restrictions and gustatory preferences, too, so when you make your reservation feel free to tell the hostess about any ingredients you’d like included or excluded from your personalized menu.

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