What amenities does Château du Sureau provide for pets?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Château du Sureau does have a few special amenities for pets, but they also have a strict weight and size policy that limits which canines are welcome. Erna Kubin-Clanin, the owner of this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel, has a small, well-trained dog of her own who accompanies her to the office in the mornings - if your dog also weighs less than 15 pounds, he or she is welcome at the hotel as well. Larger pets will not be allowed. If you wish to bring pets of another species, such as birds, cats or reptiles, you’ll have to speak with the hotel prior to your visit to see if it’s feasible or not.
Pooches who do meet the hotel’s size guidelines will be treated to a comfortable bed, soft blankets and even a doggy greeting and turndown treats, all in an effort to make your little buddy’s vacation just as special as yours.

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