What are the best amenities for kids at Château du Sureau?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The best amenities for kids at Château du Sureau are similar to those meant for adults.
Since this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel can’t accommodate children below kindergarten age, most of the youngsters who end up as guests are a little more mature, which means less hassle for the parents and other adults staying at the hotel. It also means, however, that even the youngest hotel guests can fully appreciate everything the hotel has to offer.
For kids who are used to parents telling them to change their sheets and hang up their clothes, the impeccable chambermaid service will be a welcome respite. If they love outdoor adventure, the hotel can also arrange expeditions of all kinds, from rock climbing and camping to hiking and biking. Finally, if your son or daughter appreciates a little bit of pampering, a visit to Spa du Sureau might be the highlight of their stay.

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