What are the parking options at Château du Sureau?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Parking at Château du Sureau is pretty straightforward: When you arrive, an attendant will valet park your car, with no fee. You’ll see parking spaces out front, but those are intended for restaurant and spa guests. If you plan on leaving Château du Sureau during your stay — say, into Yosemite or out to dinner — you’ll need to call the front desk and ask them to bring your car around for you. In order to exit the Five-Star hotel, you have to pass through an electronic gate. It will open automatically when you leave; but when you return, you have to dial 001 to call the hotel and provide your full name to be granted reentry. The process is a bit time-consuming, but it keeps lost tourists and curious gawkers from disturbing you on the hotel grounds, so it’s well worth the small hassle.

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