What is the most romantic spot at Château du Sureau?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

There are many charming areas at Château du Sureau, so it’s difficult to single out just one spot as the most romantic one. After all, this Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel was designed as a lover’s getaway.
There is, however, one standout space: the adult swing set that overlooks the hotel’s hilly Sierra garden. You and your loved one can let go of your cares and swing high and free like you did when you were kids, or one of you can give the other a gentle push while you drift into deep conversation. In fact, if we had to choose a place at the Château to pop the question, we’d do it on the swings.
Whether it’s late in the afternoon, just as the sun’s rays begin to kiss the tops of the Sierra Nevadas, or late in the evening when the moon and stars bathe everything in soft luminescence, the swings are the perfect backdrop to romance.

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