What kind of Internet and Wi-Fi access is offered throughout Château du Sureau?

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Although Château du Sureau is a flashback to the grand European hotels of the past, Internet and Wi-Fi access is offered throughout the property. You’ll be able to go online from just about anywhere on the estate — whether you’re in your room, lounging by the pool, relaxing in the gazebo by the pond or even playing on the life-size chess court. The Five-Star California hotel was designed by its builder and proprietress, Erna Kubin-Clanin, as a retreat from the modern world and its frenzied pace. Its original intention was to remove guests from their everyday lives entirely. Since then, Kubin-Clanin has compromised on a few things, like providing guests with newspapers, placing a single television in the grand salon, providing a communal laptop with a printer, and equipping the entire estate with Wi-Fi coverage — nice for guests who like their Old World charm with a few modern conveniences.

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