What kind of TVs does Château du Sureau have?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Château du Sureau has one small television that’s tucked away in a cabinet in the grand salon, and it’s neither LED nor flat screen. We didn’t see it come out once during our recent stay, and owner will likely discourage you from having anything to do with it during your visit. That’s right, there are no televisions in the guest rooms. In fact, the only modern technology you’ll find at the Five-Star hotel are the CD players that are artfully hidden in the top of each room’s antique armoire, and they’re only there to waft quiet classical music through the room. Don’t expect a fancy phone either — even those are rotary. If you have a show you want to catch, consider bringing a laptop with you to watch online — Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel, a nod to 21st century essentials.

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