What signature drinks does the bar serve at Château du Sureau?

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Although Château du Sureau does have a wine cellar it doesn’t have a traditional bar of its own, but there are still two signature drinks worth trying: one alcoholic and one even kids can enjoy.
This Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel’s signature cocktail, the Sureau, is both potent and potable. It’s mixed with elderflower liqueur, champagne and a just a hint of lemon. You’ll find it at the hotel restaurant, Erna’s Elderberry House, or you can have one or three delivered to your guestroom, the hotel courtyard or even out by the pool.
A refreshing non-alcoholic option is the hotel’s specially blended elderberry tea. Its sweet yet slightly tart taste is a nice savory cup. We like waking up to a pot of it on our balcony, delivered by one of the chambermaids.
Lastly, the house iced tea, available all day in the lobby, makes an excellent afternoon refreshment during the scorching Sierra summers.

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