What is The Lodge at Turning Stone Resort Casino's turndown service like?

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Melanie Nayer

Every evening during your stay at The Lodge at Turning Stone Resort Casino, you’ll enjoy turndown service. It typically occurs between 6 and 8 p.m., but you can request other times that are more accommodating to your schedule, or opt not to have turndown service. When you arrive to your suite at the end of the night, you’ll find the shades drawn, the comforter pulled back and the pillows on your bed propped and plumped, ready for you to rest your head. A room service menu with breakfast items is left on your bed — simply circle what you want and hang the menu on the outside of your door before 1 a.m. and the meal will be delivered at the requested time. Next to your bed is a traditional Native American dream catcher, ensuring any nightmares get stuck in its web so you can have a quiet and peaceful sleep. There are complimentary bottles of water in your room above the mini-bar and also placed at your bedside for turndown. If you require shoe shining or laundry service, just call the concierge at the luxury hotel and he will be able to schedule these for you separately.

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