What bars does The Point have?

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Sure, The Point may not sport your traditional hotel bar, but that doesn’t mean the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel is lacking in the beverage department. With all meals and beverages included in your room rate, once you’ve checked in you have carte blanche access to libations. To make this seamless and easy for you, the hotel has several fully stocked wet bars set up strategically throughout the property.

You will find a bar in the main building and in the foyer before you enter the Great Hall. Another can be found near the campfire and there is one set up in the Boathouse, aptly next to the fishing equipment. Each bar is, of course, provided with appropriate glassware, fresh garnishes and napkins. And because this is The Point, the hotel staff has thoughtfully set out a copy of “the Complete Bartender” if you’re in the mood for a bit of experimenting before dinner.

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