What is the scene like at TS Steakhouse at Turning Stone?

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Melanie Nayer

It’s easy to forget where you are when you walk into TS Steakhouse at Turning Stone — the scene is just that unusual for Upstate New York. The red and black décor of the restaurant oozes sex appeal, similar to something you’d find on the Las Vegas Strip. The moment you step out of the elevator and into the foyer of the steakhouse, sounds of Cole Porter and big band music greet you from the bar. Though the restaurant itself never gets boisterous — tables are set far enough apart from one another that you aren’t interrupted by other diners’ conversations — the bar area can turn a bit noisy at times. A pianist is brought in nightly to serenade guests and, between his microphone sessions and the murmur of diners, it can get clamorous. But that’s all a part of the bar’s charm. The spot’s Upstate New York-meets-Ocean’s Eleven ambience makes TS Steakhouse not just a great place to dine, but an excellent spot to meet up with friends for laughs. The seasonal outdoor balcony provides an awesome escape from the chaos of the casino floor, and you can’t beat the views. Get your camera phones ready — when the sun sets along the New York valley landscape, the eatery provides the perfect photo opp.

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