What are the best amenities at Rosewood Hotel Georgia?

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Rosewood Hotel Georgia is a beacon of chic luxury in the heart of Vancouver, with amenities galore, but we think these are truly the tops:

1. Excellent concierges. The outstanding Clef d’Or concierges here truly know their city, from recommending great restaurants at both the high-end level and local hangouts as well as shopping expeditions and local attractions. Patient and willing to go the extra mile, they’ll listen to make sure they completely understand what you’re looking for and will offer thoughtful suggestions, even setting you up with the courtesy house Bentley if it’s available (or providing you with the most scenic walking route if it’s not).

2. Great bars. Whether you want to enjoy a classic cocktail in a quiet setting or relax by an outdoor fire pit, the hotel’s two main tippling spots — 1927 Lobby Lounge and Reflections, respectively — offer outstanding cocktails. Don’t miss the signature Hotel Georgia, made with gin, orgeat syrup and orange blossom water.

3. Sense. The hotel offers a small but lovely day spa, located on the fourth floor. Indulge in the Vancouver Signature Sensation, a peppermint- and herb-infused sea salt exfoliation followed by cleansing Vichy rinse and hydrating massage. Add in a sweet finish with a Canadian maple pedicure.

4. Rose Buds Children’s Program. It might not look an especially child-friendly hotel on first glance, but Rosewood Hotel Georgia definitely caters to the little ones. The kids' room service menu, for example, offers babies a range of local, seasonal and organic fruit and vegetable purées, served warm and with an infant-friendly bowl and spoon. You can also easily request items like en suite wireless baby monitors, kid-sized bath robes, baby skincare products and in-room bottle warmers. 

5. The fragrance butler. Many hotels offer butler service, but how many offer staff to spray you with perfume? Since guests who carry their luggage onto the plane can’t bring full-sized bottles of perfumes or cologne, the hotel curated a selection of perfumes for them to use. Simply call the operator and within minutes a butler will arrive at your door with a tray of assorted fragrances for you to spritz on (alternatively, on your way out, swing by the reception desk where the perfumes are kept on display).

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