What are the relaxation lounges/locker rooms like at Sense Spa, Rosewood Hotel Georgia?

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The relaxation lounge at Sense Spa, Rosewood Hotel Georgia is located in the center of the spa and features four plush mauveish gray velour wingback arm chairs with ottomans, fabric paneled walls and ornate screens along with dark wooden side tables. It’s a cozy area, but certainly comfortable, and a table right at the entrance to the relaxation lounge holds snacks and refreshments, including trail mix, fresh apples and apricots, cucumber- and lemon-infused ice water and White Lion herbal teas. Pour yourself a cup of the zingy blueberry açai tea, then browse the magazine rack for the latest copy of Vogue or Vanity Fair, or if you want to get into the Canadian spirit, eh, The Vancouver Sun. Staff will pass by regularly, offering to refill your drinks and get you anything you might want. Or if you’re in the mood to zone out, snuggle up under the plush brown-and-white blanket, close your eyes, and enjoy the quiet and calming music playing from the sound system. Dozing is definitely OK — in fact, it’s encouraged. 
The locker rooms are small, but they’re equipped with all the basics you’d need for your spa-going experience, and then some. The intimate space is decorated using a white-and-cream color palette and plenty of marble and painted wood. There’s a pair of white-tiled showers and two toilets, although with only five treatment rooms at the spa, you just may have the locker room all to yourself. The locker room has a total of six lockers with programmable codes, located against the wall while a single vanity with sink displays towels and additional robes. You’ll find shampoo, conditioner and a refreshing herbal body wash in the shower, while a glass console table neatly displays extras like razors, combs, deodorant, hair spray and cotton swabs. If you can’t find something in the locker room that you might need — say, a straightening iron or curler — simply ask one of the Sense Spa attendants and they’ll appear with one in no time.

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