Does The Jefferson, Washington, DC have 24-hour room service?

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Whenever you're hungry you can order food to your room at The Jefferson, Washington, D.C., where room service is offered 24 hours a day. Between 6 a.m. and 11 a.m., try standard breakfast fare like a three-egg omelet (whole-egg or egg-white), with your choice of two accompaniments including smoked bacon, country sausage and cheese. There are also eggs Benedict, bagels with lox and malted pancakes, or lighter fare like yogurt, parfaits, oatmeal and housemade granolas and cereals served with fresh fruit.
If you've up for some adventure in the morning at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel, order from the breakfast specialties page, which changes seasonally. On our visit, there were options including lobster eggs Benedict with asparagus tips, an omelet stuffed with whitefish and lemon ricotta pancakes.
At lunch, dinner and late at night, your choices are even more varied. The seasonally changing menu includes myriad appetizers and sandwiches ranging from $10 to $20 for a portion big enough to share. On our visit, we shared a cheese plate composed of three cow's milk offerings, including a creamy and pungent Spanish blue cheese. We also enjoyed the indulgent croque monsieur, an extra-cheese take on the classic French grilled cheese.
If you’re looking for a full dinner at the Washington D.C. hotel, the room service menu offers entrées in the $20 to $30 range, including a roasted half-chicken, salmon fillet and the dry-aged sirloin burger. (For a dinner worthy of a Capitol Hill power broker, try the six-ounce filet or the 12-ounce strip steak.)
Pair these selections with a bottle of beer or a glass, half-bottle or full bottle of a wide selection of white, red and sparkling wines from The Jefferson's 1,300-plus bottle cellar. Bottles range from $40 to as much as $430, with glasses starting at $14 and beers (including Flying Dog Amber Ale made in Frederick, Md.) for $7.
One page of the menu is devoted to kids age 12 and under, including grilled cheese with French fries, peanut butter and jelly with French fries, mini burgers, mixed greens salad, penne pasta and roasted chicken with mashed potatoes. Little ones can finish things off with a kid-specific dessert, including fresh strawberries with whipped cream, a daily selection of ice cream, chilled yogurt with berries or (the most fun option) cookies and milk.

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