What in-room technology does The Jefferson, Washington, DC have?

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For a place that's inspired by the 18th century, guest rooms at The Jefferson, Washington, D.C. are packed with technological amenities. Besides the standard flat-screen TV in the main guest room area, there's a Bose Wave radio in each room tuned to classical music at check-in. Keep it tuned there or dock your iPod before pressing the button by your room's front door to indicate that you don't want to be disturbed (this system also includes a maid service request button and houses a doorbell outside for the Four-Star hotel staff and other guests to use).
Wi-Fi is free at The Jefferson, but the leather-blottered desk also includes an Ethernet cord for wired use. If you didn't bring your laptop, the concierge desk can help you procure one, or you can borrow one of the staff's iPad tablets. And technology doesn't stop in the bedroom —embedded in the bathroom mirror is another TV, so you can tune to the morning news while you shave or to late-night comedy while you prep for bed.

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