What is in the mini-bar at The Jefferson, Washington, DC?

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There are plenty of beverage options in the mini-bar of your room at The Jefferson, Washington, D.C., but your sweet tooth will love this amenity the most. Nestled in a cabinet under the large, flat-screen TV in your room, the mini-bar has small glass bottles of Coke, Diet Coke, ginger ale and tonic water, perfect for mixing with the airplane-size bottles of Grey Goose vodka, Jack Daniel’s whiskey, Bombay Sapphire gin and two Scotch varieties stashed in the mini-bar's door. The bottles of soda cost $4 and the liquor is $8 (together, that's cheaper than the $16 you'll spend at Quill, the hotel bar, for one of its signature cocktails). There are also two bottles each of Amstel Light and Heineken beers, priced at $6 each.
If you're not in the mood for a stiff drink, try one of the soda options or have a bottle of orange or cranberry juice ($4) or Honest Tea iced tea ($4). There is also a Purelosophy Relax juice mixture made of kiwi, pear and lemon juices infused with hops, lavender, chamomile and peppermint. This beverage is designed by its makers to help you unwind, and runs $6 in the mini-bar. For the opposite effect, rev up with an Illy Issimo coffee drink, a cold, pre-mixed cappuccino that's ready to drink before a workout or important meeting ($6). There's also bottled water for $4, but the Jefferson provides its own bottled water, sealed and bottled onsite in etched glass bottles, for free.
The sweets are where the mini-bar at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel really shines. You’ll find Oreos, M&Ms a Toblerone chocolate bar and gummy bears inside (each for $6). If you want something saltier, there's a mini can of Pringles chips ($6), as well as almonds ($8) and cashews ($8), perfect for pairing with one of the mini-bar’s many beverage options as you wind down after a long day in D.C.

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