What is the design style of The Jefferson, Washington, DC?

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The design style is traditional, luxurious and historically inspired at The Jefferson, Washington, D.C. The 2009 redesign and re-opening of the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel just north of the White House was inspired by the life, thoughts and history of Thomas Jefferson. Design touches throughout the hotel reflect this lineage. In the hotel lobby, a gallery of historical documents bearing Jefferson's signature are hung in wide golden frames, a sort of mini museum that creeps into every corner of the hotel.
In the cabinet rooms, private seating areas across the hall from Quill, the hotel bar, you’ll find a chair that's an almost exact copy of Jefferson's favorite chair at his Virginia home, Monticello. Created with the permission and help of the Jefferson estate, the chair’s only difference is the color — while Jefferson’s chair was red, Quill's is a nutty brown, designed to match the cozy surroundings that are perfect for a quiet group conversation or a private viewing of a Redskins game.
In the guest rooms, you'll find curtains and pillows printed with schematics and images of the former president's estate, Monticello. You won't find this fabric at local stores, though: It's been specially licensed to the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel by Jefferson's estate. Images of Monticello also adorn the walls of Plume, on its silk wallpaper that was cut from a single piece of silk painted with a Monticello landscape especially for the hotel.
In the restaurant's private Cellar conference space and dining room, the walls are lined with bottles of wine, reminiscent of Jefferson’s passion for viniculture, as well as a floor-to-ceiling portrait of his estate's farm, which you can still visit. And there's one more detail that's delightfully Jeffersonian: A wine bottle dumbwaiter, just like the one installed in the president's fireplace at Monticello, can be used to bring a new bottle from the onsite cellar of 1,300 bottles. Forget living like a king at The Jefferson. You can live like — and surround yourself with details worthy of — a president.

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