What is in the mini-bar at Willard InterContinental?

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There’s a selection of soft drinks, candy, nuts and wine in the mini-bar at the Forbes Travel Guide Recommended Willard InterContinental, but beer is the best deal.

Inside the mini-bar fridge you’ll find an assortment of sodas, juices and mixers all for $5 each, as well as a can of Red Bull ($5) and a bottle of Gold Peak iced tea ($4.50). There are, of course, mini bottles of liquor (Bombay Sapphire gin, Absolut and Grey Goose vodkas, Baileys Irish Cream, various whiskeys and bourbons), a bottle of champagne and white wine, but the best deal is the beers. Dominion Lager, brewed in nearby Virginia, is $6, while Heineken and Amstel Light are $7.

You’ll also find sweets such as Milky Way, Snickers and Godiva chocolate squares. But the most tempting treats at the D.C. hotel are above the fridge on a glass-enclosed shelf in the mini-bar’s dry area: Here, you’ll find Evian and Fiji waters, a bottle of red wine and candy and nuts boxed in handsome packaging bearing photos of the Willard. You’ll find boxes of M&M’s, cashews, peanuts, smoked almonds, Kettle brand potato chips, chocolate-caramel popcorn and red, white and blue jelly beans.

The mini-bar at Willard InterContinental includes an assortment of sodas, beer and miniature bottles of wine, and snacks.

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