What is the service like at JORY at The Allison Inn?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

We found the service at JORY at The Allison Inn, the 100-seat signature restaurant in The Allison Inn & Spa, to be smooth. The courses were delivered at an even pace — empty plates were quickly whisked away. The servers, smartly dressed in black and white never hovered, but were right at hand when any question or need arose.
When debating between two wines to pair with the first course, the server offered a taste of both when the entrée arrived. As we watched larger parties order and receive their dishes, we admired the way the servers would orchestrate to set five plates down with complete synchronicity. Even after dessert and coffee, we were encouraged to linger in the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant. We found the level of attention keen but not cloying, which, to us, is just the right balance.

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