What is the design style of Williamsburg Inn?

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In an effort to preserve historical authenticity, Williamsburg Inn’s interior designer worked closely with historians and archivists to replicate textiles, paint colors and wallpaper patterns throughout the property. The result is a mix of floral, classic and restoration styles, which you’ll see in the front room, library, sitting areas and guest rooms. Former interior designer Susan Winther joined the hotel in 1976 as an apprentice to Eleanor Duncan, who set a precedent at the inn to reupholster and refinish furniture with historical accuracy. Today, Cheryl Griggs, who worked with Winther for 15 years, is the inn’s interior designer. Griggs makes sure the upholstery fabric looks fresh and furniture is arranged appropriately. Lining the walls of the historic hotel are John James Audubon prints of Virginia birds, most of which have been donated by generations of guests. Other gifts in the inn include a 19th-century grandfather clock in the lobby, as well as vases and urns from Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller Jr.

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