Antigua is a land of sun, sea and 365 beaches. This island nation, along with its sister island, Barbuda, draws visitors not only because of its temperate climate (it’s the sunniest of the Caribbean islands and very close to the equator) and mild temperatures (mid-70s to mid-80s, usually with low humidity, a warm, steady breeze and relatively little rainfall), but because of its rich history, clear waters and vibrant sailing culture. 

Established as a British colony by the famed Adm. Horatio Nelson in 1784, the island drew the eye of the Royal Navy and quickly became the nation’s most prominent Caribbean base. Today, the trade winds and network of harbors draw maritime lovers year after year for the island’s famed Sailing Week, and the coral reefs that once protected the island now draw scuba divers and snorkelers. 

Of course, these same things also draw tourists, the island’s primary industry. From the luxurious private island paradise, Jumby Bay Island, to hillside havens, Antigua offers a rich leisure experience for travelers year-round. Sail the azure blue waters, party with the locals at Shelby Heights or hike the rolling hills — one is even named Mount Obama after the former president. We guarantee you won’t want to leave.