With wildlife sanctuaries, marine preserves and miles of sandy beaches, it is no wonder Belize has been dubbed the jewel of Central America. Tucked between Mexico and Guatemala, the small, ocean-cradled country is a haven for beach lovers and intrepid explorers (and foreigners who have come here in recent years to build retirement homes and take advantage of the low cost of living in this English-speaking country). In its unspoiled natural beauty, Belize boasts hundreds of native species, savory seafood and an abundance of interesting history. Learn to scuba dive along the crystal-clear waters of the Barrier Reef, visit mystical Maya ruins or take a rain forest tour for a chance to hear howler monkeys. 

Whether you’re seeking a low-key escape or the adventure of a lifetime, you can carve out your own path from an inexhaustible array of attractions and adventures strewn across the archipelago of this up-and-coming destination.