Rhode Island


Rhode Island is flecked with charming harbor towns that range from eccentric to elegant along its 400 miles of coastline. The towns that dot the water’s edge are known for their 1920s mega mansions and beach homes, fresh seafood, sailing and quintessential New England charm, making this a popular spot for modern bluebloods during warmer months.

Newport is where wealthy families built lavish summer “cottages” that now serve as museums, and nearby Narragansett was once the site of a lavish beaux-arts casino complex. If you want to venture to a quieter locale, hop on a boat and head 12 miles off the mainland to Block Island — the island once served as a low-key fishing and farming community and remains as verdant and pristine as ever thanks to numerous conservation efforts.

Providence has blossomed into a creative, sophisticated capital city. Home to the Ivy League “college on the hill,” Brown University, and the renowned Rhode Island School of Design, Providence is flush with youthful intellectuals and budding artists, many of whom reside in converted industrial downtown lofts while producing pieces for local galleries.

Despite the new cosmopolitan bent, you’ll still find plenty of historic appeal in the colorful clapboard houses, leafy streets, colonial landmarks and crooked brick sidewalks. The three rivers that run through downtown are spanned by elegant bridges and are especially enchanting at night, when a row of seemingly floating bonfires are lit. Providence is also known for its summer parties on the water, fabulous culinary scene and close proximity to some of New England’s best beaches.