Fort Lauderdale

Spring break is back in Fort Lauderdale—and it brought the fun with it. Once a sleepy little sister to Miami, the town became the “spring break capital of the world” in the 1950s and ’60s before a citywide crackdown paved the way to restoring its squeaky-clean family-friendly reputation in the ’90s. Now the pendulum has landed firmly in the middle. The city of 23 miles of beach dishes out luxury and economy hotels, casual and destination dining, shopping, nightlife and kids attractions. Come any time of year and expect to see families frolicking on the beach, newlyweds lounging by a hotel pool, college kids hitting the bars and snowbirds dining along Las Olas. Roughly 10 million people come each year to visit the “Venice of America,” so named for the city’s winding canal system and close ties to aquatics. Water is definitively top priority in this town with 42,000 resident yachts, 100 marinas, hundreds of waterfront cafes, shops and bars, 69 miles of live coral reef and 300 miles of inland waterways. Visitors tend to spend the day at the beach or on the water—whether it be for fishing, snorkeling or diving—then hit downtown Las Olas or the Riverwalk for drinks, shopping and dinner. Come to relax, come to shop, come to eat, come to party—just come.