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Jet-setting South Americans and expat transplants looking for a new long-term residence have all become enamored with Peru’s capital Lima as of late — and we can see why. More than just a starting point for the Inca Trail, it's a massive metropolis (the fifth largest in Latin America) tucked into valleys equidistant to dusty deserts and rolling ocean waves. You can find pre-Colombian ruins and shiny new skyscrapers, the latter of which twinkle at night and give the impression that there's a lot more to this Peruvian jewel than its crowded streets and obvious landmarks. Foodies will revel in the Peruvian cuisine — an edgy culinary scene has popped up in Lima in recent years. These new touches, combined with the old-world remainders like the town's history city center, are proof positive that Lima is holding its own as a must-see destination, not merely a stop-over city.