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São Paulo is South America’s financial hub and its most populous metropolis, home to 11 million people. Still, tourists often overlook the city and head to its Brazilian peers better known for sand and sun. But São Paulo has considerable charms, starting with its unrivaled cultural and culinary attractions, both sophisticated and diverse. More than 180 theaters, 110 museums, 90 cultural centers and 12,500 restaurants give visitors (and residents) options for doing something new every day. Historically a beacon to those seeking a better life, São Paulo welcomed migrants who brought along their tastes for music, food and fashion. Unlike some of its beachfront and Amazonian counterparts, this energetic place shines brightest when the sun goes down. Sampa, as locals call the city, features a robust lineup of high-end hotels for business types and nightlife options for those who prefer play over work. São Paulo also has incredible architecture, museums and street art begging to be explored.