In recent years, Seoul has made a name for itself on the global stage as the high-tech, fashion forward capital of South Korea. The city is teeming with life and its more than 10 million inhabitants are constantly on the move, using an extensive public transportation system to work, shop, eat and play their way through the city’s unique neighborhoods. Seoul never sleeps so you can partake in spicy street food at ponjangmachas, shop into the wee hours at Dongdaemun, and even belt out your favorite song at a noraebang (private karaoke room) late into the night. But don’t let the modern conveniences of Seoul fool you; a cursory glance will expose you to both the modernity and the historical significance of the city. Tall skyscrapers that house businesses like Samsung and Hyundai are juxtaposed with ancient palaces under restoration, and chic galleries are cropping up inside the traditional, Korean-style houses of Bukchon. The vibrancy of the city coupled with its unique history makes Seoul a must-see city in Asia.