Responsible Hospitality

VERIFIED™ Responsible Hospitality provides luxury hotels and their restaurants and spas with clearly defined best practices to protect the environment and support the wellbeing of employees, guests and the community — without compromising guest experience.

Designed in collaboration with highly respected hotelier Hervé Houdré, a leader in sustainability, this program creates a global standard for the world’s finest hotels and a trusted third-party verification to share with guests and travel advisors.

VERIFIED Responsible Hospitality provides a turnkey framework for your hotel so that you can focus on serving your guests.

  • Mobile-friendly chatbot platform — nothing to install, just log in and get started
  • Confirms the protocols you already have in place and provides guidance on best practices
  • Management dashboard monitors compliance across key operational areas
Responsible Hospitality is about creating a welcoming, luxurious experience for guests, while being considerate of the environment and human welfare. This program provides clear guidance and best practices to help hotels proceed in a meaningful way.
Serving the world’s most elite hotels, restaurants and spas in 81 countries, Forbes Travel Guide understands that sustainability and exceptional guest experiences must go hand in hand—which is why we partnered with Hervé Houdré, who has pioneered this accomplishment at many fine hotels.

Take the Next Step

Earn your badge by completing the annual Responsible Hospitality verification program.

VERIFIED™ Responsible Hospitality addresses waste-management, energy efficiency, resource-conservation and best practices across:

  • Front office
  • Rooms
  • Food & Beverage
  • Fitness Center & Spa

With additional guidance on community, health security, and vendor selection.