2020 Rating Embargo

Promotion of Forbes Travel Guide Star Ratings is embargoed until the public announcement of 2020 ratings at 9 a.m. ET on February 12, 2020, when all of our winners will be live on www.forbestravelguide.com.

Official notification of your 2020 rating status will be confirmed via letter commencing January 14, 2020. Should you have questions, please contact Amanda Frasier, Executive Vice President of Standards & Ratings.

To discuss eligibility for deferral, please contact your Partner Services representative by January 21, 2020. We cannot accept deferral requests after this deadline.

Disclaimer: As a 2020 award recipient you may not promote your 2020 rating until the stated embargo period expires. Ratings are not final until published in a Forbes Travel Guide Star Rating announcement. All information is subject to revision for errors and other adjustments in accordance with Forbes Travel Guide policies.

All rating and other information in this system is confidential.