Mr & Mrs Bund

Upon arriving at Mr & Mrs Bund, the brilliant red and green front doors hint that this won’t be a bland dining experience. Enter the Bund restaurant and the hipster-chic décor confirms it — an oversized abacus and a classic arcade machine commingle with chic glass-blown chandeliers and dark wood. The modern French food takes a similar sophisticated-but-witty approach. Mr & Mrs Bund, one of the city’s only late-night fine-dining spots, is just plain fun.
Our Inspector's Highlights
•  It has a reputation. Mr & Mrs Bund is one of the most celebrated and popular Western restaurants in all of Shanghai — both visitors and locals often seek it out for its singular approach to modern French food. 

• Celebrated French chef Paul Pairet is renowned for his clever and humorous approach to cooking as well as his technical perfectionism. During a recent visit, he served his tuna mousse amuse-bouche in a tin can with its self-opening lid pulled halfway off.

•  The late-night scene borders legendary status. This is the only fine Western restaurant in Shanghai where you can order dishes like frog legs with garlic and parsley and beef cheek pot-au-feu with truffles until 4 a.m.
Things to Know
• The building is historic. Mr & Mrs Bund is located in a painstakingly restored colonial 1920s building called Bund 18 — everything from the lobby to the staircases and elevators is gorgeously appointed. 

• There is a large variety of vegetarian dishes at Mr & Mrs Bund, thanks to a deep menu built around individual main ingredients. And despite the many pages of options, it’s easy to navigate toward the vegetarian offerings.

• Mr & Mrs Bund is an ideal place for group dining as chef Paul Pairet’s mission for the restaurant is to make it easy (and downright fun) to share dishes. While dishes are executed with exacting standards, they are served in generous portions family-style, placed in the center of the table so everyone in your party can taste from each. Many of the tables, which were personally designed by Pairet, have a metal extension so plates can be placed both out of the way and within reach.
The Food
• The menu at Mr & Mrs Bund is one of the largest we’ve seen at a fine-dining spot. It was so intimidating to some diners when it was first released, the modern French restaurant created a special pared-down version dubbed the “Rookie Menu.”

• Chef Pairet has organized the offerings by main ingredient, so each section is headed by its name, such as “tomato” or “beef.” Below, all the various styles in which the kitchen uses this ingredient are listed. For tomato, preparations include tomato with roasted goat cheese, sage and oregano, and gazpacho summer bread Catalan made with toasted bread, tomato, roasted capsicum, fresh anchovies and arugula.

• Indulge in teriyaki-glazed ribs served with an orange reduction and garlic chips or the jumbo shrimp in citrus jar designed by the chef himself. A single steamed jumbo shrimp artfully sits in a glass jar with citrus, lemongrass and vanilla. When the dish is presented in front of you, take a whiff of the fragrant aroma. 

• Some of the best dishes include the picnic chicken aioli, which is a char-grilled cold chicken breast served with garlic mayonnaise; the foie gras mousse that comes topped with a raisin-hazelnut crumble; and the arugula salad, which is sprinkled with soy dressing, truffles, Paris mushrooms and Parmigiano flakes.
The Look
• As part of its interior design, Mr & Mrs Bund looks like an open and airy modern home with a dose of playfulness.

• This modern French eatery doesn’t take itself too seriously. Sure, the black table linens are crisp, and servers wear ties, but the space also exudes a whimsical Alice in Wonderland vibe.

• In the large red, black and gray space, some tables have stuffed armchairs, and others have supersized throne-like chairs with light brown animal fur throw pillows.

• Ornate white blown-glass chandeliers hang above warm dark wood flooring.

• The fun comes in with the art. Framed wall photos show an octopus tentacle wrapped around an arm and another encircling a silver can.
Getting There
18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, Shanghai, China