Spa Casa Velas

Natural therapies in Puerto Vallarta
Prepare for the ultimate detox and relaxation the minute you arrive to Spa Casa Velas, a luxurious escape found inside the Casa Velas resort in Puerto Vallarta. The 6,500-square-foot spa stimulates all the senses with its full menu of gemstone-themed services, as well as its soothing ambience.

Casa Velas Puerto Vallarta is known for its stunning onsite botanical gardens and that tropical touch comes into play during every facet of the spa experience, where the environment is divided between indoor spa cabins and tranquil outdoor areas.

Aromas from the garden abound. Catch wafts of lavender, eucalyptus and lemongrass as you listen to the soothing murmurs of a Zen soundtrack. Clove, mint, aloe vera, spearmint and basil leaves are used in aromatherapy treatments for their relaxation properties.
Our Inspector's Highlights
  • Casa Velas understands that spa therapy is no one size fits all matter, which is why 60 different treatment options are available to satisfy each guest’s individual needs.
  • Elements from the spa are found throughout the Puerto Vallarta resort. Most noticeably, the herbal cocktails use ingredients from the botanical garden: mint for mojitos, cilantro for margaritas and even hibiscus flowers to make martinis.
  • The spa suites offer an amazing view of the lush, tropical landscape.
Things to Know
  • This is an adult-only spa resort, so make plans with your babysitter if you plan on visiting. 
  • Arrive an hour before your reservation so that you have enough time to fully enjoy the hydrotherapy facilities.
  • Be careful in soaking up too much sun, as sunburnt skin can affect your spa experience.
The Treatments
  • Designed to set certain intentions and to relieve specific concerns, the treatments come in all forms: massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, extreme anti-aging facials and lymphatic drainage, just to name a handful.
  • Try the Quiro-Golf Four Hands Massage, which entails two therapists using golf balls to get into deep, hard-to-reach muscles.
  • The Neuro-Aroma Candle Massage incorporates fire to spark passion, strength and rejuvenation.
  • The Casa Velas Herb Ritual clears away dead skin cells, releases toxins and promotes deep relaxation using compresses with orange peel, cloves, bay leaf and horsetail.
The Facilities
  • After reemerging into the real world, indulge in a beauty ritual at the salon. Women and men are fully taken care of with a complete menu of hair and nail care, cuts, color and products.
  • Beyond the treatments, don’t miss the Life-Fitness gym. With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the surrounding gardens and fountains, treadmills, bikes, cross-trainers and free-weight machines balance out all the good eating that happens during the all-inclusive experience.
  • There’s also a boutique with a selection of products to take home so you can extend the afterglow from all of the pampering.
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Getting There
Pelicanos #311 Fracc. Marina Vallarta C.P. 48354, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
Spa Casa Velas
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